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By Paul Lambillion

In this exhilarating exploration of auras and their makes use of, Paul Lambillion presents a realistic consultant for those that are looking to how you can determine auras and use this present in a confident manner in an effort to turn into greater humans and higher healers.

Some everyone is talented having the ability to see auras, the colored power and light-weight fields all of us have round our actual our bodies. An air of mystery finds an individual’s religious, psychological, emotional and actual nation; their character, presents, aptitudes and different own features. Even inanimate items have auras, as do animals, plant life, bushes, homes, groups and towns.

Paul Lambillion teaches humans how one can notice those auras and the way to take advantage of this data for therapeutic, self-knowledge, love and relationships. during this certain ebook, he offers a path in studying to appreciate our refined our bodies, that could convey a deep belief of the complete man or woman. It comprises many helpful routines and meditations, assisting us to spread our personal imaginative and prescient of colors and auras. moreover, Auras and Colours supplies a lot info at the meanings of the colors and the way an figuring out of them can carry concord to our daily lives.

Auras and Colours: desk of Contents


    A Prelude

  1. The Formative Years
    Early Visions
    An Early Understanding
    The White Misty Lady
    A imaginative and prescient of Anger
    Atmospheres and the sun Plexus
    Night Visitors
    Lightning Strikes
    The Nurse’s Halo
  2. The gentle of Auras
    Auric Layers
    The Etheric, or power, Body
    The Emotional, or Astral, Body
    The psychological Body
    Visions of the Emotional and psychological Planes
    Bringing gentle and Healing
    Auras and Remedies
    Soul lighting fixtures and Babies
    A most pretty Light
  3. Colours, Rays and Meanings
    A Quickening Unfoldment
    The dying of Pat
    Incoming Rays
    Some color Distributions
    A basic air of mystery Picture
    ‘Typical’ Auric Patterns
    Children and Auras
    Attuning to the Rays on your personal Aura
    Perceiving the colors of Another’s Auric Field
  4. Psychic Centres, Cords and Kundalini
    Energy and Chakras
    The Chakras or Psychic Centres
    The Psychic Centres and Health
    Closing Down
    Force Absorption
    Destiny, goal and the Psychic Centres
    The means of Psychic Centre Assessment
    The Order of the Psychic Centres
    Some tools of Chakra research or Assessment
    The Cycles of Life
    Some average, normal color Meanings for Cycle Analysis
    Self-Development Exercises
    Hand-sensing the foremost Chakras
    Cords and Emotional Ties
  5. The mild of the World
    Cities, cities and Auras
    Buildings and Auras
    Energistics in Enterprise
    Ley Lines
    Water and Light
    Trees, plant life and Plants
    Planets, Suns and sunlight Systems
  6. Lights past Life
    Into the Afterlife
    The Dream World
    Thought types and Astral Bodies
    A Prayer for Passing
  7. The Shining Ones
    Guardian Angels, publications and Nature Spirits
    Bad Spirits
    Earthbound Souls
    From different Planes
  8. Appendix: a few Meditation Exercises

    Meditation 1
    Meditation 2
    Meditation 3

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