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By Arun Kumar Sharma,Chandra Shekhar Kumar,Manoj Kumar Sharma,Neeru Singh,Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission

the current number of precise tales lower than Aakashcharini (The Flying Yogini): Satya Ghatnaon Par Aadharit Yog-Tantrik Katha-Prasang (Collection of Tantric Yoga tales in keeping with actual Events) involves seventeen tales. those precise and sensational tales are choke packed with mysteries and adventures. even supposing those have been terrific yet don't exaggerate them. Written in an autobiographical tone, the writer has tested a different lucid type and thorough command over the language.

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We wish that the current choice of tales might be both wonderful and fascinating to the readers.

The current variation is released by means of old Kriya Yoga venture (A Divine company Empowered through The 3rd Eye)(A Monastery of discovered Sages). within the method, complicated desktops (LaTeX, XeLaTeX, TikZ, gimp, C++) were applied to its fullest extent.

A profound sage and householder mystic of historical Kriya Yoga undertaking has regained the `Khechari Siddha Aakashgamini Vidya' (The artwork and technological know-how of Flying with gaining knowledge of Khechari) along with his excessive devotion to Yoga and hard perform of esoteric Pranayama (The artwork and technological know-how of Breathing), the exact description of an identical may be on hand in destiny to the Sadhak (Practioner of Pranayama) in a sort of a esoteric treatise (Granth). `Khechari Vidya' is progenitor to innumerable staggering non secular powers, between which the paintings and technology of flying is one such Vidya. Sadhaka (Practitioner of Yoga) could be conscious of the truth that there are various paths for regaining and learning `Aakashgamini Vidya' (the paintings and technology of flying), for example, `Shaktipaat' (transfer of divine strength with the grace of the Guru), Lambnirodhni Yoga, Drink Air treatment, Austere Mysterious Sadhna of Kali (Divine power) and so on. in a similar fashion, the `Khechari Vidya' begets different divine religious powers worthy studying, for example, `Mrityunjayi' (Conquering Death), `Animeshi' (Unwinking State), `Gudaakeshi' (Conquering Sleep) etc.

Aakashgamita (Flying) is a truly exact kingdom of adepts, the exact description and multi-dimensional element of that's defined intimately within the epic Unlocking Aakashgamini Vidya : The artwork and technology of Flying : Khechari Adepts.

Ancient Kriya Yoga venture is devoted to illustrate the easy and obvious concepts of historic technological know-how of living.

This physique is simply an device of meditation and the person is not anything, the person don't have anything.

This e-book is devoted to all Sadhakas.

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